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Sammy A.

Editor in Chief

Hey I’m Sammy! I’m currently a senior and the multimedia editor of the hook. This year I’ve loved interviewing students and writing reviews. Here are so much fun facts about me! I love koala bears. My favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You and Kill Bill Volume 1. I like to read and play tennis in my free time. Lastly, if I could travel anywhere I would go to South Africa. I’m looking forward to everyone reading this years fall edition. Good luck on the rest of the school year!


Aaryan C.

Editor in Chief

Hi! I’m Aaryan, and I am the editor in chief for the Hook. I am also a junior who loves to play tennis. Biology and Chemistry are some of my favorite classes! I really love to travel to different countries and experience new cultures; at the top of my bucket list right now is Kenya followed by Spain! This is my third year at the Hook, and I am excited to see what you all are going to write about!


Kay B.

Copy Editor

Hey fellow Bucs! I’m Kay, and I am currently a senior at Country Day and one of your copy editors at The Hook. I always love getting a sneak peek on the senior superlatives and interviewing some of our school leaders for the Hook. Here are some cool facts about me; I can only study to the pride and prejudice soundtrack, everything else is too distracting. I have a horse named Chicken Tender, before you ask, no, it was not my idea to name him that. I absolutely love to travel, and I  actually spent my summer in Paris for an art program! My favorite color is green, and I could eat ramen every day of the week. I can’t wait for you all to read this edition and for all the amazing Country Day voices to be heard. 


Greta H.

Senior Editor

Hi, I’m Greta! I’m the senior editor for the hook. I love writing and am super excited for write for the hook. I also love running, Taylor Swift, reading, and Harry Styles. I look forward to continue writing for the hook and hopefully other productions in the future!


Natalie K.

Web Editor

Hey y'all! I'm Natalie, and I'm super exited to be the web editor for The Hook this year! I spend most of my time playing softball and volleyball, but you can also find me watching The Bachelor with my mom and grandma, having dinner with my friends, or watching the sunset on top of the parking garage by Whole Foods. Some cool facts about me are that I have my boater's license, I am double jointed in my right thumb, and my car is a stick shift Subaru named Suzie. I'm excited to see what this school year brings and what amazing creations our community is going to make. Let's make it a good year and roll Acorns!!


Linden B.

Managing Editor

Hi! I’m Linden, and I am a managing editor for this year’s Hook. This is my first year in this position, and I am thrilled to be on this newspaper team. I play varsity volleyball for Country Day, and this year I plan to run track in the spring. I am a part of the Study Buddies club: we go to the Levine Children’s Hospital and tutor kids with their school work. My favorite part about the Hook is the Senior Superlatives; I cannot wait for the year!


Liza B.

Social Media Editor

Hey guys! My name is Liza, and I am the social media editor for the hook! I have been at Country Day since 1st grade, and I play soccer and basketball!  I am excited to see all of your submissions and I cannot wait to read them! 


Mikayla R.

Managing Editor

My name is Mikayla, I am a junior, and I am a managing editor for The Hook. I enjoy spending my time reading, writing, and participating in theatre.


Mikayla R. 

Copy Editor

Hello! My name is Mikayla and I am sophomore and a copy editor for The Hook. This is my first year on The Hook and I have really enjoyed my experience so far. I enjoy reading and anything theater related and my favorite things to do are taking care of my plants, making jewelry, or reading good book. I am looking forward to the rest of the year ahead and I am so excited to be a part of The Hook team this year!


CeCe B.

Copy Editor

Hi I'm CeCe! I’m a copy editor for The Hook this year. At school, I do Lincoln-Douglas debate. Outside of school, I’m pretty involved with politics and political advocacy. 

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