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                                                    Aaryan and I had a chance to sit down with Mr.                                                        Gauthier and ask him a little bit about himself                                                          and his thoughts on becoming the new head of                                                          school at Country Day. Mr. Gauthier was a                                                                teacher for over 20 years, teaching English and                                                          French as well as coaching track, and cross                                                                country. He began teaching directly after college,                                                      working at a private school in Los Angeles, California. He also finds enjoyment in the arts, specifically in poetry and music and believes that there are dimensions of learning through the arts that “you cannot find anywhere else.” As some may already know, he also spent some time in Shanghai, China as the head of an international school.  When asked about the similarities and differences between Country Day and the Shanghai American school, Mr. Gauthier informed us that there were many similarities: Shanghai American School is “very mission driven,” like Country Day. He explained that working and living in China was able to provide him with an “eye opening” experience that allowed him to “see the world through a different cultural lens.” He decided not to return for a third term in Shanghai and to come back to the US. He then decided that this was the school he wanted to be at. Furthermore, Mr. Gauthier is looking forward to “getting to know the students, getting to know the teachers, and feeling the life of the school.” He believes that “every institution, every school, is on a journey,” and he wishes to learn as much as he can during this year to help the school to continue to grow and learn. So far, he has enjoyed meeting students and teachers and being able to form connections with people as he gets to know how we can continue to meet the needs of the students and how we can continue to get to know him.

Mikayla R.

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Marcel Gauthier

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