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What Fall Bath and Body Works Candle I Think Certain Faculty Would Light in their House

Natalie K.

It’s that time of the year again: sweaters, Uggs, candy corn, blankets, pumpkin spice, and candles. Oh also, teachers need to get their grades in, which means grading papers and tests! And what do normal people do when doing work in the fall? Light a candle! If you haven’t tried this, I 100% recommend it, by the way. So, as I imagined what some of my favorite teachers looked like grading papers in their houses, I tuned into my inner Buzzfeed quiz, and tried to decipher what teachers used which fall candle. You know how they say owners look like their dogs? Well, these teachers look like their candle, in both personality and overall vibe. It just fits, like a pumpkin patch and an Instagram story.

Starting off, we have a fall staple: "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin". The teacher that uses this candle is the kind of person to start buying candy corn in August, wear sweaters way too early and convince everyone they’re not hot, and drink pumpkin spice lattes religiously. They eat, sleep, and breathe fall, because let’s be honest, the smell of pumpkin really isn’t that good. The only reason they bought this candle is because it matches the “fall aesthetic” of their house, not because it actually smells good. But, hey! Aesthetic is important, especially when you’re grading freshman English papers, and I’m sure Mrs. Zen would agree!

Next up, we have a more rustic and woodsy feel with "Coffee and Whiskey". This smell just radiates flannels over sweatshirts, and what does everyone think of when they hear that combo? Lax boys. After both teaching and coaching for over 35 years, I guarantee this teacher needs the coffee to keep him going. I can just imagine he wakes up to a nice cup of joe every morning and ends the day relaxing with his wife around the fire in his matching flannel pajama set watching Monday Night Football. This is after grading supply and demand curves while listening to some 90’s country music, of course. Overall, Mr. Touma lives his life as simple but classic as this candle.

Moving right along, we have one of those candles where you really have no idea what it smells like, and the only reason you buy it is for the design: "Thankful". It’s probably something extremely generic, which is by no means a bad thing. A candle like this would fit perfectly in the kitchen when baking a nice pumpkin pie, because why would you want to take away from the smell of that, or in a lab where freshmen are dissecting pigs, because mixing strong smells is never a good idea. This teacher fully leans into the fall vibe but doesn’t obsess over it. They probably have a doormat that says “Happy Fall Y’all”, but puts it out when the leaves actually start to turn red. Am I right, Dr. Combs?

Siguiente (Next), we have one of the sweetest smelling candles ever made: "Old Fashioned Cider Donut." It's one of those ones that you just have to smell when walking through the store. It draws you in with its welcoming exterior and has you walking away with a smile on your face. This teacher is a young soul, hence the donut aspect of the candle, with traditional habits and teaching style, hence the old fashioned cider. This teacher is always yearning to have a good time, and keeps the school feeling light and airy, as this candle does with their house. Sweet and welcoming: that’s Sr. Floyd!

Lastly, this candle is a perfect combo between sweet and spicy: "Spiced Apple Toddy." When you talk to this person when you’ve overslept for the third day in a row, they’re probably going to be more spicy than sweet. But, on the inside, they are a teddy bear. They also seem like they make a mean apple pie, but that’s besides the point. This smell gives off the same vibe as a corn maze, as does this person: a little intimidating, but very fun once you get to know them. Next time you sign in, make sure to take a few extra minutes and get to the sweet side of Mrs. Carey.

New to the Fall One Act

Everett H.

My name is Everett H., and I am a freshman this year coming up from the middle school campus! I joined the one act, a small play that goes to competition with other schools and am sharing my experiences so far! Once I arrived at the first rehearsal, I was nervous because the concept of the one act was new to me. I didn’t know anything about it except that I was a part of it. Immediately everyone was introducing themselves and talking to each other and I felt instantly welcome! Everyone was kind, nice, and funny from the start and not one person was not included! On the one act itself we are performing it a few weeks from when I am writing this, meaning we are starting to run out of time, but I am confident we will finish in time! Working with Mrs. Goodfellow and Mrs. Booth is by far some of the most fun I have had in theater as they are committed and extremely good at what they do. They, along with all the cast and crew, are so great to work with and just the people alone can make a dull day amazing! Already we have created so many inside jokes, bits, and memories that it is sometimes hard to keep up! From freshman to seniors, we are all having fun together and don’t separate into our own grades and instead all have fun together! It is so much fun even as rehearsals become more frequent and run longer than before, the extra time is still full of good times. While it is fun, we are making good progress and are overcoming problems that arise with enthusiasm as we work on complicated choreography that I believe will pay off. As this is my first high school production, I have been happily surprised by how the one act is. It is far more advanced and serious than I would have thought. The one act I imagine is nothing like the musical but still as we work through the story, I am caught off guard by how much it feels like I am working on an official project. It is all very real, and you can tell everyone takes it seriously. But combining that with the fun group, I have found it to be one of the most fun and memorable experiences I have had at Country Day, and we haven’t even gotten to the best part! Last year the Country Day one act was able to make it very far and I hope we can do the same this year!

Ranking Fall Favorites

Alice S.

There’s nothing quite like fall here in North Carolina, when the leaves start to change, football season begins, and, of course, the classrooms being the most abhorrent temperatures for our finicky climate. One day, it’s 50 degrees out and I’m freezing in Purdy, then the next day it's 80 and I’m profusely sweating in Barnhardt. Man, I love North Carolina. However, I’m pretty sure if I only wrote this piece about my grievances with the temperatures of buildings y’all would get real bored real fast. So, let’s cut to the chase: Fall. What a great season. So, here are my personal top eight fall favorites. These are just my opinions, but I have been known to have some pretty great opinions. So, without further ado, I’ll start from number eight and work my way down to my personal fall favorite.

8: Pumpkin spice. A beloved fall favorite of many, especially Starbucks execs who see nothing but an endless cash flow once that fall drink menu drops. My personal favorite pumpkin spice treat would have to be the Publix pumpkin muffins. If you’ve never had one, I’d strongly encourage you to take a trip to your local Publix to fix that immediately. However (and warning) controversial opinion incoming, I give it the lowest ranking in my top eight because of how aggressive it can be. I mean, do we really need that many different pumpkin spiced things? I once lit a pumpkin spice candle in my living room, and I’m still facing the consequences of it to this day. Jokes aside, it’s a fall staple, but not an all-time favorite.

7. Thanksgiving. A controversial holiday, but a great feast. While I’m glad we no longer wear buckles on our hats and shoes like our pilgrim past, I must say those Suarez Bakery cookies that look like little hats are quite delicious. I mean, that feast though. Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, dressing, apple pie, and of course pumpkin pie. I love Thanksgiving because it’s a time to be with family. It’s also a time to watch the Iron Bowl (Roll Tide) and stuff your face with leftovers for a solid week afterward. Needless to say, it’s a pretty good fall wrap-up before we enter the holiday season.

6. Pies. I know what you’re thinking, you already said this in the Thanksgiving ranking. Yes, I know. However, I solidly believe fall is the time of year where pie production must be at its peak. My neighbors just show up randomly with pies. Maybe that’s just them, but I’d say I’ve got some pretty great neighbors. The variety during fall is insane too. We’ve got apple, cherry, rhubarb, pumpkin, you name it, it can be pied. Delicious and another fall favorite of mine.

5. Leaves changing colors. There is nothing like a crisp fall morning walking to class and hearing the crunch of leaves under your feet or looking out the window to see an array of yellow, orange, red leaves turning on the trees. I may not understand the science behind it, but that has yet to stop me from enjoying the outcome. It makes the world feel a little warmer than it actually is and it’s what makes fall so beautiful.


4. Pumpkins. I love driving down Arborway on my way to school in the morning and looking at all the pumpkin spreads that look like something straight out of a Garden & Gun magazine. The dedication is truly inspirational. And the versatility of pumpkins too! Little ones, small ones, fat ones, tall ones. Orange, yellow, green, white, all different kinds. Even then, the myriad of activities they offer themselves up for. You can paint them, carve them, roast the seeds, or make a pumpkin pie. So many options! While the painted or all white pumpkin layouts can be nice, I say we embrace tradition and carve jack-o-lanterns. The creative innovations I’ve seen from some jack-o-lanterns resemble something out of the MoMA. Truly moving. Anyway, pumpkins on everyone’s porches really make fall feel like fall. 

Now we’re entering top three territory. My three absolute favorite things about fall, my favorite season. I’m sure you’re buzzing with anticipation. Let’s go.

3. Sweater weather. It makes getting dressed an absolute breeze. I get out of bed, and essentially change into even comfier pajamas. Oh, how I love a good oversized sweater. And there’s so many options too: long, cropped, neutral, colorful, thick, thin. There’s a sweater for every occasion. Something about a sweater and jeans combo just makes me so happy. I actually count down the days until I can switch my closet from summer blouses to sweaters. I may be alone in this opinion, but I don’t even care. Easily my third most favorite thing about fall. 

2. Football. You knew it was coming. As an Alabama fan, there’s no better season than football season. Who would have thought so much entertainment could come from grown men throwing a ball around and tackling each other? Friday night football games in Belk Stadium are the pinnacle of school spirit, and there’s nothing like freezing in the student section dressed like whatever the theme is for that week. Obviously, I love college football, as who doesn’t love winning? However, I’m also a big fantasy football gal. Not to brag, but I am in first place in my fantasy league (thank you to Jalen Hurts and the Eagles defense). Overall, fall wouldn’t be fall without football. It just wouldn’t.


1. Halloween. I mean, what else could take the top of the podium? The costumes, the candy, the movies. All so very good. While nothing could top the Lower School Halloween Parade, I’ve seen some pretty great costumes from my classmates. If you were curious, I’m being Sloane from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off this year, and I’m quite excited. However, my previous top hits have been a frat boy, a cupcake, and a lamb. What can I say, I’m quite the creative mastermind. Moving on: the candy. I’m a chocolate fan, but I can also appreciate a good pack of Skittles or a Jolly Rancher. As for chocolates, I love Twix (left only) and the occasional KitKat. Now, I love scary movies year-round. However,  fall is a socially acceptable time to bring over all my friends and make them watch my favorite movies. While I love The Conjuring, I also love Hocus Pocus, and there’s truly no better time to watch fall classics like the fall. Charlie Brown and the Great Big Pumpkin just doesn’t hit in May like it does in October. Halloween is the ultimate fall holiday, and my personal source of happiness for all of October. It’s a culmination of all things fall: time with friends and family, good entertainment, good decorations, and great food. All other rankings are up for debate, but I believe Halloween keeps the number one spot no matter what. 

Fly Away


I look out my window and see birds fly

Skimming the freezing sky, they are of stray

At the crack of dawn, I will touch the sky

My body dwindles as I fly away.

Fashion Week

Greta H.

Paris, New York, London, and Milan. The four biggest and most important Fashion Weeks, in that order. Fashion Week is an innovative time for the fashion industry where brands and designers put on creative and outrageous shows to showcase their newest collection. During the week, multiple shows will take place a day followed by events celebrating the new collections, and after that hectic week, the next location hosts their respective fashion week. The cycle of fashion-crazed chaos happens twice a year, and right now, designers are displaying their spring 2023 lines in those four fashion capitals. 

Fashion Week does so much for the style community. It supplies jobs to models, makeup artists, hair stylists, set builders, maintenance workers, and so much more. So much goes into making a show happen, from designers brainstorming ideas to seamstresses making the clothes to the workers putting on the show, Fashion Week takes patience, hard work, and a team. The clothes presented on these high-level catwalks will be ones we see on our favorite celebrities and the designs will turn into trends that trickle down to inspire our everyday wardrobe. 

To start off with New York Fashion Week, Coach Spring 2023 by Stuart Vevers was inspired by the New York City beaches which are more like piers that make you feel like you are at the beach with the sound of the water crashing. The leather jackets of this collection are for sure a motif that we will see in upcoming fashion trends, especially since Lil Nas X opened the show wearing one. Moreover, Vogue World was not only a runway, but an experience of a street fair that New York saw for the first time. It was a celebration of Vogue’s 130th anniversary, the fashion empire put on a runway show full of the most famous celebrities and models wearing styles from the most famous fashion houses. For example, Serena Williams walked wearing a custom Balenciaga dress. While it took place in Manhattan, designers from all over the world were spotlighted. Everything about Vogue World from the star-studded runway to the dancers to the creativity was a highlight of New York Fashion Week. 

Milan Fashion Week came next, which consisted of the genius Prada spring 2023 line by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simmons, one where each piece alluded to a past collection from the brand. While Fashion Week encourages innovation and newness, Prada ensured that Fashion Week can also mean a dig into the archives and reinvention of old pieces. Differently, Gucci spring 2023 by Alessandro Michele put on a twin-inspired show where the pieces came out in sets of two. The Gucci show also had a celebrity filled front row featuring celebs like Rihanna.

London Fashion Week is usually the second to take place, but due to the death and national mourning of Queen Elizabeth II, shows like Burberry were postponed. Burberry made a comeback to Fashion Week this year after several years of not participating. This collection by Riccardo Tisci brought in unique ideas while still tying in the traditional and iconic Burberry plaid, the collection was sure to get attention due to the infamous models walking in the show, from Bella Hadid to Naomi Campbell.

The last of the big four is Paris, home to the biggest fashion houses in the world. Paris always makes a statement, for example, Coperni spray-painted a dress onto model Bella Hadid using Fabrican (it can solidify into wearable fabric). The experimental statement Coperni made will motivate other designers to take noteworthy risks. Paris Fashion Week is not over, although I am sure more brands will dare to be different and start trends.

As you can see, everything about Fashion Week is meticulous so that the creativity expressed there can influence the buyers, the people watching the shows, and the people in the market for new clothes or ideas. Fashion Week is a profound part of the fashion industry today.


Ranking Fall/Halloween Candies

Linden B.

Carmel Apple Pops: 

Rating = 7/10

Description = The candy apple pop is a green apple flavored lollipop with a caramel covering. 

Reason for Review = The caramel apple pop is a classic Halloween candy that is enjoyed by many. Personally, I think that they are overrated a little bit. I would rather go for a Twix or a Kit Kat then reach for a caramel apple pop. However, I do think this a great Halloween candy. It never fails to put me in the spooky season mood. Also, I love caramel, thus caramel apple pops receive a 7/10.

Candy Corn:

Rating = 2/10

Description = Candy corn are small candies in the shape of a triangle. It is described as “painfully sweet” by those who enjoy it.

Reason for Review = Candy Corn is a very controversial Halloween candy. It is either vastly enjoyed or vastly despised. I, for one, am not a fan of the holiday sweet. I find their taste too sweet but yet too dull in flavor. There are far more delicious candies than this one for the spooky season, but the candy corn is a staple of fall and Halloween. The candy corn is so iconic in fact that it receives two points solely for its spirit. Candy corn receives no points for the taste, but it does receive two points for its fame: 2/10.

Gummy Pumpkins:

Rating = 5/10

Description = The gummy pumpkin is a delectable Halloween treat that is small yet packs a punch with its sourness.

Reason for Review = Gummy Pumpkins are superb fall treats that are acceptable throughout all the stages of fall. They have a very sour taste, so it is tough eating a bunch in one sitting. I have a bad experience with these candies after tossing my cookies on a hayride. Prior to the hayride, I ate a whole bag of these. However, retasting this candy did improve my thoughts on the sweet. But that terrible Halloween night on the hayride still lives in my mind, so the gummy pumpkins receive a 5/10.

Reese’s Pumpkins:

Rating = 2/10

Description = Reese’s Pumpkins are peanut butter cups in the shape of pumpkins layered with a chocolate coating.

Reason for Review = I know I am going to receive much hate on this review, but I must rate the pumpkins with an honest review. I despise peanut butter. In my opinion, peanut butter ranks as one of the worst spreads. So, to have this spread in a chocolate cup is not very appealing to me. I understand this is one of the most beloved Halloween treats, so I give it two points for the public. There are far greater chocolates than this one for the spooky season, so the Reese’s Pumpkins receive a 2/10 rating. 


Midnight Milky Way:

Rating = 9/10

Description = The Midnight Milky Way is a superb Halloween chocolate that has caramel and nougat on the inside and is covered in a dark chocolate layer.

Reason for Review = The Midnight Milky Way ranks as one of THE BEST Halloween treats. Its sweet caramel pairs perfectly with the dark chocolate. The nougat keeps the candy soft and gives it a satisfying chew. It is not the most festive candy and can be eaten year-round, so a point was deducted for that aspect. Otherwise, it is a delicious candy: 9/10.

The Colors of Autumn, a Poem

Anne Lee V.

Green, Burgundy, Orange, Purple, and Brown

The colors of fall that don’t make me frown

Reminding me of the season and having feelings of their own,

The colors have scents as strong as cologne.


Green: nature, the leaves turn away from

Painted football fields with fans ready to come.

Trees beginning to go through a transition;

The colorful blast that comes from nutrition.


Burgundy: a color that is comforting

From scarves, to blankets, this color becoming

Heat in the stove from warmth of pumpkin bread

“The best recipe there is”, as my dad always said.


Orange: the one, that brings the most of Halloween

The patches of pumpkins: a glorious scene.

Jack-O-Lanterns carved into faces and such

seeds spilling out, gooey to the touch.


Purple: the color of amethyst and lavender,

Gatherings and events flood my calendar.

Witches and ghouls soaring in flight;

The Great Pumpkin comes into view at night.


Brown: a color of mud and hayrides,

The horse that takes us down the countryside

To the color changing trees and the house on the hill

Autumn is what gives me the thrill

FIFA 23 Single Player Review

Austin R.

Is the new FIFA 23 worth $70? No, but it is still a good game. This year’s iteration sees the return of Italy’s finest Juventus and Italy’s Serie B. But the exciting new feature is the inclusion of the women’s leagues for the first time. These leagues include England’s Women’s Super League and France’s Division 1 Féminine. The game still has the women’s national teams as well, but all women’s teams are only available in quick play (Kick Off) and in league mode. The game has also added female referees. MLS fans will be pleased with the addition of the 28th club Charlotte FC and LAFC’s Banc of California Stadium. Unfortunately for World Cup Fans, The World Cup will not be available at launch. Another disappointment is the absence of Liga BBVA MX and J-1 League. On a positive note, EA has improved on what they call the “Matchday Experience” with the following features: wear on the pitch during the game, “Realistic 3D Netting”, “Pre-Match Build Up”, “New Post-Goal Sound Effects”, “New Celebrations”, and “In-Match Music”. Unfortunately, these features are only available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia. Arguably the biggest new additions are Ted Lasso as a coach, AFC Richmond as a playable team and Nelson Road as a playable ground. Players also have the option to coach characters like Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent from the Ted Lasso TV show. Like any FIFA game, 23 still has plenty of bugs and does not work all the time. For example, I ran into an issue where the game did not recognize my EA account and locked me out. Although I enjoyed playing with all the great new additions, they really do not justify buying FIFA 23 for $70 if you already own FIFA 22 since the basic game is still the same. (8/10) (Reviewed with EA Play 10-hour trial through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)

10 Songs That Feel Like Fall

Sammy A.

As the leaves start to fall, the mornings get colder and pumpkin treats become more popular, I always like to update my playlists. So here are 10 songs that feel like fall:

1. “Like Real People Do” by Hozier

- It may be the acoustics in the background, but this song is perfect for driving in October.

2. “Blowin’ In The Wind” by Bob Dylan

- Inexplicably one of the greatest fall songs to exist.

3. “Tim McGraw” by Taylor Swift

- I had to add this one for all the Taylor Swift fans reading this. It gives the perfect energy (in all seasons but especially fall).

4. “Love Like Ghosts” by Lord Huron

- Ghosts. Halloween. Colder weather. The guitar. Lord Huron.

5. “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes

- I just recently started to listen to this song and it reminds me of leaves falling from the trees. If you like the Hozier song or just his music in general, I would also recommend this one!

6. “Sweet November” by SZA

- I am looking forward to November for the sole purpose of listening to this song.

7. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood

- Arguably THE song of fall year after year.

8. “I’m Your Wreck” by Mt. Joy

- Good vibes all around. I want to listen to this song while apple picking.

9. “Sleep on the Floor” by The Lumineers

- The Lumineers make me want to go camping with all my friends.

10. “Apple Tree Blues” by Caamp

- The name does the song justice. Best song for making pumpkin pie.

Shifting to Electric

Jeffrey H.

As our world moves to become more sustainable, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the production and purchasing of electric cars. Companies like Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid Motors are now churning out electric vehicles at an unprecedented pace. Additionally, companies like Dodge and Ford are beginning to transition their line-up of vehicles from combustion engines to electric motors. This is largely due to the pressure car companies are facing from government organizations as well as the consumer. Some critics, however, argue that this shift is not as beneficial to our world as it seems. Many electric cars are still made in factories that produce greenhouse gases. It takes a lot of energy to assemble a car, and when that energy is not sustainable, it makes electric cars seem less appealing to the environment. Additionally, most of the energy powering these cars comes from greenhouse gas producing turbines. It is important that we strive to alter our methods of manufacturing and using electric cars. We should strive to use solar power rather than relying on our unsustainable practices of fossil fuel consumption. It will be interesting to observe this sector of our economy as it continues to develop and change.

Monsters on Main Street

Xander R.

I can feel it, the killers are coming near

to collect their tribute.

Brandishing bloodied weapons and horrid faces to make me fear,

outstretching clawed hands for the treasure I distribute,

for they can make no request I have the power to refute.

Then past the dead and monsters on main street they weave

to continue their pursuit,

screeching as they leave,

“Have a happy All Hallows’ Eve!”

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