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Varsity Boys Soccer

Tre M.

This year the team has been so cool to experience. We’ve got a lot of senior leadership and everyone’s been working super hard. We have a serious shot at a state championship this year as we gear up for playoffs. We’re currently first in the conference and I'm really looking forward to seeing our efforts pay off in the state tournament. Stay Tuned.

Varsity Girls Tennis

Arden A.

So far the girls team has had an awesome season! We are undefeated in conference and are on our way to states. We’ve had a lot of matches where we expected to be the underdogs against previous state champions such as Latin, yet we were still able to pull off wins. Recently, we swept providence day 9-0 and 8-1 after an interesting match where honesty from both teams was challenged. A few score disputes and a Tik Tok later, we rode the bus home with our broken coolers feeling like champs. The team has had so much fun kidnapping our only senior Tenley and going to breakfasts at the original pancake house. With Coach Calvin and Ernestine’s help, we will hopefully be on our way to getting the 1st place trophy!

Varsity Volleyball

Linden B.

The 2022 varsity volleyball season is nearing a close, but we still have playoffs to conquer. Our conference record is 3-7, so we are placed 6th seed. The girls on this team have grown to be more than teammates to me; I see them as my sisters. They are the sweetest and funniest people I have ever met. Whether it is Reagan N. and Carly B.’s harmonizing vlogs on our Acorns Instagram or playing PSHYCH in the hallways of North Raleigh Christian Academy, I always catch myself smiling with these girls. I will never forget coming back from a 0-5 record in our conference to going on a three-game winning streak. Our team’s persistence and perseverance allowed for us to end with that 3-7 record. I understand that still isn’t amazing but playing with these girls made the losses worth it. Fairlie B., Ellie M., Reagan N., and Rita C. are going to be severely missed. I, personally, was crying a LOT on our senior night. Each of our seniors have made a special impact on this program. See you next season and ROLL ACORNS!

Varsity Football

Derrick B.

As a team it was safe to assume that we all wanted to make an improvement after last season. We all knew we could be better. It was just a matter of how badly we wanted it. The biggest question on campus after last year’s season was “is the football team going to be good this year?”. And I would always answer “yes”. Because the success of a team shouldn’t be described by just losses and wins, but by growth and effort. The home opener game was one that the entire football team really buckled up for. It was our chance to prove to the school that the sport of football matters. And I believe that our win that night was a huge step forward in the right direction. As a senior on this team, I felt responsible for the success of the team on a personal level. And one thing HC Drew Witman would tell us repeatedly is to “show up and be urgent!”. I think the improving game results have direct correlation to this teams’ urgency. Although this is my last ride with the football team, I have learned many lessons about how to lead a team and more importantly a family. I do hope that the program will continue to flourish in the coming years and that no matter the record, our fans will always back the Bucs.

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